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B*tch, when I was your age, it was Leo-Mania!


everyone talks about guys breaking girls hearts... but really girls are way more mean.

True friends;
1.are impossiable to stay mad at.
2.love you when you make the most retarded mistakes
3.look at you like your crazy.
4.laughs at your jokes.
5.helps you get that ecial boy.

There is Absolutely NO Doubt

  In my mind that I
Picked the wrong boy.

Love You, Alex :)


And if moving on means losing you
I just don't think i'm ready

I hate when people put "fml" as their status.

many people have worse lives.

shut up, and be happy with the fact that your alive..

that you have a roof over your head, parents, & clothes.

wake up, and put "lml" for once..


The 'thinking of you'
Music video by Katy Perry is so..
Depressing. < ' 3
This quote does not exist.




Don't you hate when...#2
- Justin Bieber says never?
- Party Rock isn't in the house tonight?
- Nobody grabs you and tells you "Hey"?
- You weren't born this way?
- Rihanna doesn't find love in a hopeless place?
- You don't got the moves like Jagger?
- When Adele can't find someone like you?
- The kids with the pumped up kicks don't run?
- When Rihanna doesn't drink to that?
- Britney Spears isn't in love with a criminal?
- Lil Wayne can't remember how to love?
Yeah, me too.

NMF, Not my idea, loved it and credit to JustDropItLikeItsHot

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