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Unexpected Love


Chapter 46

He pulled me into a park and we began walking the path.
“I've been in and out of foster homes since I was six. I was taken away from my mom. She was an alcoholic.” he turned to me, “something you know all to well about.”
I nodded with a small smile. I felt relief and sadness growing inside me. Happy he was taken out of the pain, but sadness because he was helpless.
“Anyways, I was at Hannah’s house when I was nine, and it was already my fifth foster house.”
“Hannah? The girl at the movies?”
He nodded, “Yeah, I got in trouble a lot and nobody wanted to take care of me, so they just kept shipping me away, home after home.” My grip tightened on his hand, he turned to me and his green eyes were saddened, “I didn't fell like I belonged anywhere...but when I was at Hannah's I, felt like they were my family.”
“But things got worse when Minnie, Hannah's mom, got sick. She died shortly after. They said they've never seen anything like it, it spread so fast there was barley time for goodbyes.”
I saw a tear fall down his gorgeous face. “I was sent away again, but when I was there Hannah and I became really close, not like you and me, but like brother and sister.” I smiled, I couldn't believe I got jealous from them hugging.
He stared at me in the eyes looking deeply in them, “I don't want to leave again.” he whispered.
“And I don't want you to go.” He smiled and brought his face to mine, I tried taking away the pain but I could feel that he was really upset.
I pulled away and smiled, “Lets go home.”
“Your coming to my house,” he said pulling me onto his lawn.
“No Eli..” I told him I didn't want to see him cry anymore, and I didn't want to see the pain in his eyes.
“Please? It would mean a lot to me.” he said grabbing my waist.
I smiled, “Well...”
“Great.” he said and continued to pull me into his house.
His house was empty and dark, but it had a homie feel that made me smile. He pulled me down the hall and to his room.
He didn't turn any lights on instead he led me to the bed. I laid down and he laid next to me, our faces together.
“I had a great day today.” I told him.
“So did I.” he said grabbing my hands.
“I love you.” I said without thinking, without a care in the world.
I just said it.
And it seemed like forever before he said, “I love you too.”

I know it's not good..:( It's my first one... )
And thanks to everyone who faves and/or comments it means alot! :)
~Thanks for reading~


we've hurt each other
ever since we said,

Format by Sandrasaurus

that terrible moment 
 when red watery stuff
comes out of the ketchup bottle


"did you get home okay?"


"no, i died, that's why i'm talking to you.. right.now."

that awkward moment

when you realize Facebook has made more changes then Obama.

can someone please tell me
what it feels like,
to actually smile ?
because I've forgotten what happiness is.


Today I got slapped by a piece of bread.

My Bro: Have you ever had the feeling....
Me: What feeling?

And that is how it happened...
True story.


 « and you're tied together

with a smile

|||| but you're coming undone |♥|♥|♥|

format credit

say your crushes name 6 times
now make a wish
whats more important love or ten million dollars
wish again love or money 

now post this in 60 sec 

and you will have an unexpected convo with your crush 

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