Quotes added on Sunday, November 20 2011

So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
Were just having fun
and we dont care who sees.
So what we go out?
That's how its spost to be.

Livin Young

and Wild,

and Free

♥Your My EVERYTHING Without you i would be NOTHING♥
I love you♥
When guys get jealous
Its damn adorable.

When girls get jealous
World war III has begun.

&I'm just a silly teenager

     enjoying this roller coaster ride <3                                        


i wonder if anyone ever looks at me and thinks..
"wow shes beautiful"
relax & take notes, while i take tokes of the marijuana smoke, throw you in a choke, gun smoke...♥

The onlreason I cried during any of the Twilight movies,


And just when i think a guys different 
they do something too proove me wrong.


"Oh my God, I just saw you on tv!"
 "Really what channel?!? "
  "Animal Planet..."


When someone says "expect the unexcepted" slap them in the face amd say " you didn't expect that did you ?"
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