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I Just Hit 50 Followers
Iknow it's not much, but it means alot to me
Thank You!
Follow me I'll Follow back!

Every girl wants her guy to say,

"the next girl i will ever love, will be our daughter"

★★ Everyone has a weakness .. he just tends to be mine <3.

nmf .. credit ;wittygirl2010

I think the worst part is that i knew that this was going to happen.

Confession #1
I'm heartbroken and no one will ever understand my story..


I love you with my whole heart
always have, always will,
that's all that matters♥ 
there's jus
My favorite thing to watch is the blood dripping from my arms. </3
Im more mad at myself,
For giving him my heart.
Then I am at him
For breaking it.

You were never a friend to me
Confession #2
I rather have a couple of true friends than a bunch of fake ones..
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