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I get  it 

 I'm  not  good  enough

Doesn't  mean  you  have  to  rub  it  in  my  face


That moment when
Your friends says somthing mean, but its funny.
&you start (crying) from laughing so hard.
&they think they hurt your feelings


You'll be the reason, I'll be uneven. You've got me on the edge to jump for you. You'll be my fire, call me a liar. We'll make mistakes the way we always do.

seeing HIM in the playground is

the highlight of my days.

My 22 year old brother,
Is trying to hook me up with his 19 year old friend
because he has a huge crush on me. Problem is I have
a boyfriend, and I am only fourteen years old. HA !

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I take a million profile pictures
But only get one I like.
Only me?

‎      (╹◡╹)凸

               Okay, have a nice day
This quote does not exist.
And she will continue to smile,
                         even when shes not okay.
the only thing a girl
should chase is her
v o d k a 
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