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You steal all my



" wasn' tha drunk."

Dude, you picked up a little Mexican girl and yelled

**Dora, I need your map to get home!**


Never lie to the girl of your life,
for the hoe of the night

         \\\\\ \\\   \ | /    /// ///// 
       \\\\\ \\\( o o )/// /////
       \\\\\ \\\| \/ |/// /////
       \\\ ((((())))) ///
        | |
       /|\ /|\

happy thanksgiving!

Because sometimes, the people you can't live without can live without.

Looking at your fish

and thinking

"Crap, when was the last

time I fed you?"


Lifes a fairtytale. You're the princess, he's the prince charming, and she's the evil witch who takes him from you and ruins your happy ever after.

 Some Advise:
»»»let go when you're hurting too much.
give up when love isn't enough.
And move on when things aren't like before.

Surely there is someone out there who will love you more.

I Think I Found My Prince Charming 


try to see if someone is happy, they look in the wrong place.                           

         they look at their smile. look at their wrists & look in their eyes. those are the places


   t h a t     h o l d     t h e     t r t h




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