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NEVER go on chatroulette or omegle with someone prettier than you.
UNLESS you want to be the socially awkward penguin in the backround. 
Don't Steal Please! It's Mine!

but if i had you, that would be the only thing i'd ever need. yeah if i had you you, then money, fame, and fortune never could compete. if i had you, life would be a party, it'd be ecstasy!!!

-adam lambert

she stays up, late at night while everyone's asleep;
 drowning herself with tears & music.

if you sang "shes everything" to me by brad paisley and actually meant every word maybe then i will realize that you do feel the same way about me as i feel about you ? <3

If I die young.
chapter one.

We were getting ready for drill team practice. Lance walked up to me as we were headed out from the locker room.

"Hey, I'm not going to be able to take you home, I've got to get back home to watch my little sister tonight. Sorry, Tess." He firmly said.
"That's fine. I'll just call my mom." I smiled. He was beautiful. I've liked him since the first grade.
We headed to the gym for practice. Finals were coming up in a few weeks and had to work our butts off to win if we wanted to go to State Finals. This was really important to me.

_____________ that night.

Olivia stayed over all the time. She's one of my closest friends. Her mom has breast cancer, and her dad no longer lives with them. He's married with two other kids somewhere. So, she kind of just stays with us for the mean while. We visit her mom every other day to see how she's keeping up. I walked into my house and saw Olivia crying.

"Liv, what's wrong?"
"My dad died."
I could barely understand what she was saying because he voice was cracking up from her crying.
"Can I go see my mom?"

We drove to the hospital, knowing obviously her mom didn't know the news, to have Olivia break the news to her.
We checked into the hospital, and went and saw her mom.
We walked into her moms room, and there was a nurse in there panicing.

All you could hear was a long buzz on the machine...

boring first chapter, I know. but like/comment. tell me if i should keep writing!

I wasn't drunk!

Dude, you tried to order a Big Mac at The Burger King"

Happy Birthday
To my Bestest Friend, And Twinny, In this Enitre Universe.
Brianna Marie Michel~
Also known as...
~Nana, Lola, & BeeMarie.~



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You're so afraid of taking chances,
How you gunna reach the top?

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"I was doing good way before I met you. Now you're off the set & I'mma let you see the show go on without you."

-Wiz Khalifa.

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