Quotes added on Sunday, December 4 2011

Wanted by many,
Taken by none,
Looking at some,
Waiting for one.


Credit: GreenDinosaurFormats

worst year of my life.

At a friends house:
 friend has 2 friends over, there on the other side of the room talking to eachother and having fun and im sitting here jus like

Yeah I got the computer woo....not

Makes me feel like the awkward one thats jus kinda here for no reason and jus gets left out cuz i'm the quiet one yup thats always cool


- allergic?
- yes.
- to what?
- ...people.

stop being so damn cute,
i'm trying' to be mad at you!
not my fade


i'm finally happy ♥


If you want to  judge, 

g  e  t    a    l  a  w    d  e  g  r  e  e.





thinking back to a moment and being like
'damn! I should've said that!'

At Night;
When I'm not in my bed im tired,and then when I go to my bed...

I'm not tired anymore


He's the reason

I get up in the mornng

He's also the reason

I go to sleep at night

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