Quotes added on Friday, December 9 2011

" i Wonder if he know's he's all i think about at night?"- Taylor Swift♥
- soml(storyofmylife;*)

When i walk in the rain, its the best feeling ever.
Because the rain is so beautiful. And i can always cry, and pretend the sky is crying with me.

- six billion secrets  

Nowwer Days,
Everything makes me cry.
I have officially become weak.

need someone

to vent too. Not someone that will judge me or anything, but to show me that they actually care. ♥


Dear Self,
    way to be lacking in the Self-Confidence department.
and, lets face it, getting on his profile to look at
the girls you think are prettier than you probably
isnt helping.

confession #5
im starting to starve myself because ifeel like im too fat.


I am so sensitive about my appearance, theres just so much things I dislike about my look, they'res my pimples, eyebrows, chin, nose, weight, hair and so much more.


"Swims" upside down is still "Swims". 

"Dammit, I'm mad." backwards is still "Dammit, I'm Mad."

Think of a number. Double it. Add six. Half it. Take away the number you started with. Your answer is three.

Not Only Does 12+1=11+2, But If You Rearrange The Letters In "Twelve Plus One", They Give You; "Eleven Plus Two.".

If you take the letters from the phrase "New Door" you can errange them into the words "One Word". 

Have you ever thought that maybe when you get Deja Vu, maybe you just lost a life and is going back to your last checkpoint?

There are 7 billion people on this planet, but you will only experience what is like to be one of them. 

Clouds against a blue sky on a warm spring day, suddenly you notice the moon peeking from behind a cloud. At that moment you realize that you're not looking up at the sky, you're looking out, into space.

There's a star that makes our sun look like a spec of dust, so really, on a galactic scale, we don't exist at all.

The harder you concentrate about breathing, the harder it is to breathe. 

Your tounge is never in a comfotable position in your mouth. 

You probably never noticed it, 
but there's a popping sound in your ears when you're swallowing.. 

You're going to notice everytime you swallow now. 

At one point in time, you were the youngest person on earth. 

At this second, this exact second, you're the oldest you've ever been. 
Now this second. 
And this one.. 

Is your mind blown yet?

Some people lose limbs, and have surgery to get a transfer. 
...From Rats. 

You can bite your finger off just as easily as you can bite a carrot. 

The brain named itself the brain. 

You are the universe observing itself. 

Try writing without crossing your t's or f's, and without dotting you i's. 

...How blown is your mind?


Facebook says were friends and all...

but when i look on your profile....

Friendly words are not exactly what im thinking..



It is dear to me, the issue of
gay marriage
or, as I like to call it,

You know, because I had
lunch this afternoon, not
gay lunch. I parked my car;
I didn't gay park it.

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