Quotes added on Saturday, December 10 2011

If people are only trying to bring you DOWN It only means your above them <3

pizza >  people

I Agree.

people should learn to shut the f**k up.

oh hey. Lets start with you.


Do you ever wish you could just freeze one second and put it into a box, and like jump into it and stay there forever?
I do right now, in fact I do every time I'm with you
Did I chase the glitz and glamor, money, fame, and power?

If so, that will forever go down my lamest hour.

-Nicki Minaj <3

And maybe.
This time
I am

I want to tell you how I feel but I'm afraid of what you'll say..                                                  
Please don't let me down.. :/
& after everything i've been through,
                    it kills me to know that you dont trust me.

Kiss me, you animal


admit it...
we all honestly wish plankton would succeed.. because we want to know the secret formula too. ♥
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