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if this is life then whats hell?





She wanted love,
he wanted fun,
boys & mascara...

they always run...

No i don't have your hoodie on,
but I can still smell your cologne.

No we don't talk,
but your voice is still my favorite sound.
No your not holding my hand,
but i still remember the way it felt.

No you don't hug me,
but I still remember your arms wrapped around me.
No you aren't kissing me,
but i still remember your lips.

No you aren't with me,
but I still feel those butterflies when you are around.
No you aren't mine,

but you still hold my heart.
Christmas is 14 days away.
too long.
confession #13
i almost shut my phone off. i almost stopped answering her. my best friend. i almost let her slowly fade away. i almost pushed her out of my life. but i promised her i would never give up on her. i promised her i would never leave. and i don't break my promises.
no one can take the place
of a little girl's daddy... don't even try. 
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I have parents who do not love me.
I want to have nice and caring friends.
People do not appreciate me for who I am.
I am not at all popular in my school.
I am not pretty without changing myself.
All I am wishing is to be liked by everyone.
I do not love myself.

<3 I am here for you no matter what you higlight <3

So here I am,
Sitting at the computer,
Staring at a blank screen,
And for once wondering what to type,
Does this mean my world,
Is finally right ?
~Kyra Leigh

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