Quotes added on Monday, December 12 2011

things to do today:

1.get up
3.go back to bed

And when someone tells you that your stupid becasue your a christian and believe Gods real and he'll protect  yet you still cut yourself. I just want to tell them...
"Yes I believe in God and accept him as my Saviour, but sometimes you get lost in the fog and come up to a forked road and choose the wrong path. Sometimes its the only path. Sometimes once you get lost down that path and never can seem to make it back.Sometimes you loose all hope and you just can't handle everything going on. Sometimes life isnt a fairytale. God doesnt choose your path, he helps you through it and its your choice to listen to his advice."


Don't regret growing older,
it's a privilege denied to many

i read your diary. at first,
i DIDN't know it was your diary. i thought it was a very sad hand written book. ♥

i want a witty best friend(:
any takers?

Go on google right now and type in 2240355 and hit I'm feeling lucky..

You're welcome (:

All I want is to hold your hand. Is that too much to ask?

She found my Witty...

Last name Ever.
Firt name Greatest.

"When running out of money...do playboy." Lindsey Lohan

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