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&all I want for


is you


If a girl thinks getting wet means taking a shower
shes too young for you bro

Today my aunt came over to my house.
I hadn't seen her in months.
She said that i looked different.
I asked how.
She said that i got skinnier.
I said that I doubted it.
I've always been insecure about myself.
Especially about my weight.
My aunt has 2 jobs, 3 kids, and barely enough money to get by.
It makes me so happy that she still keeps her head high even though her life is so hard.
Thank you Aunt Lorie.

You are my inspiration.

"You make zero sense"

"Honey thats cause I'm a dollar bill"

begin each day as if it were on purpose.

Confession #18
I tried to tell my best friend about my depression, I couldn't do it.

love is when:
you miss him even before you part.
when you could listen to him talk all night
and never get tired hearing his voice.

when the sound of his name
will send chills down your spine.

and you see his smile
the second you close your eyes.


You don't hate her, you hate how she's with him.

When I was only 14, I passed out at a party and I woke up lying next to this guy I didn't even really know. His hands were under my bra. I still don't know everything he did to me, and that scares me.

when they were little did anyone else pretend to get married to someone
you now still remember? 

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