Quotes added on Wednesday, December 14 2011

Worst things boys do to girls:
-Being a jerk (straight up)
-Talking about other girls
-Telling her you like her and ignoring her right after
-Saying 'i love you' and lying


We get it guys
its Taylor Swifts birthday
but no need to make
5 mi l l i on
quotes about it

I just wanna feel

okay again


My quote, wittygirl2010 format.

Being replaced hurts
It feels like someone said to you
" oh i can do so much better than you."

My eyes aren't red because of the computer screen, 
they're red because of all the
crying I've been doing.

That "Epic Fail moment" when your
Looking for your Phone
and its in your hand..


14 faves
for my 14th
I blush everytime i hear his name


three wishes; that's all I need.


keep your head up and when everything around you turns to crap,
its all apart of your
story, its those parts that make it intresting,
push through everything will look better in the morning,
dont let it bring you down
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