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Harry Styles is...




-The Best Smile




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confession #14
i didn't eat lunch today. or dinner. oh well, i'm not hungry.
If you wear yellow
on Wednesdays then you're gay. 
This quote does not exist.

The only thing worse than a broken heart is knowing ,

You've given him another chance.

I hate asking for follows alot, but I'm at 99 can I get 100?
Please& ThankYou

That awkward moment when you are almost possitive that you will get a top quote cause you think your quote is so good then BAM 6 favs. Such a bummer..*
Fave if you've ever done one or all of these

close the refrigerator door slowly to see the light go out
drew the sun in the corner of the page
thought a heart really looked like this   
walked into a room forgot what you needed, walked back out then remembered what you needed

50 bucks says Repunzal has a weave!

confession #15
i see him in the halls a lot. i pretend that i don't see him. i pretend that he's invisible. i pretend that i don't even know him. i'm finally letting go.
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