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if a guy who truly loves u and actualy cares about u, he will find u and make u worth it, he will love u and charish u but if he doesnt he isnt worth it or the heart break



Dear mother who claims I'm too old to be playing with my food,

You're the one who made dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner...
 Sincerely, no self control

i can truthfully say i do not cut myself with a knife or razor...

but i hold a flame to my skin and burn,

i cut myself with a blunt piece of glass or whatever sharp thing i can find.

and i can also honestly say, i don't feel the pain of my scars, never have.

Wanna know whats cute?
When a girl says she hates her laugh. But you think its the most beautiful thing that you ever heard <3



I lost my phone in the blanket
so i threw the blanket up after looking through it because i now thought the phone was under it,
my phone flung across the room

And thats the day
my phone flew :)

Hes a James Dean Rebel.
Shes a beauty queen.


Dear Girl
you had me at hello
sincerely, you lost me at " i like twilight "


Don't give up on yourself.


because beating the crap out of people is illegal

Roses are red
Violets are blue
He is for me
Not for you
So if I see you with him
I will slap in in the face
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