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I love that special someone


This quote does not exist.

Happy Birthday Dad.
I know your not with us anymore, but I hope this is the best birthday ever.
I love you.♥


I have been called worse by better people

Confession #8:
I put way too much effort,

Walking past him
and thinking,
"Yeah,I cried over you last night."


my phonee n i play hide n seek a lot n lets just say... i am losing :(

not my quotee...
For fave like ill post:

1. Relationship status.
2. What i hate about myself.
3. What i like about myself.
4. 5 people i trust.
5. My best friends.
6. People i miss from woonsocket.
7. What i cant live without.
8. What im addicted to.
9. What i am afraid of.
10. Who i cant live without.
11. Who gets me.
12. What i want my future to be like.
13. Who i nevere want to lose contact with.
14. Who i want to start talking to again.
15. ...my crush...


confession #80

i'm answering questions right now,  the answers are things that i never thought anyone would understand.

Marry Me Juliet;

You'll Never Have To Be Alone;

I Love You & Thats All I Really Know;

Hold up.. When has a guy ever said this to a

girl, like this isnt a fairytale..?


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