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missing you isn't the hardest part. 
its knowing that i once had you that breaks my heart.    ♥


just face it
you only care about yourself

SHIZZLE! I had a really awesome quote, but I frapping forgot it!

Confusing Love

''Aren't you done yet?'' Josh questioned as if he didn't already know the  answer.  Josh is my boyfriend, has been  for four months now.  ''No...'' It was the middle of the school year and Josh wanted to  start taking me to  school.  Something I did not look forward to  at all.  i can  hardly make conversation with the boy,  how am  I going to  stay in a car for twenty minutes and talk.  I couldn't just be silent because that  was over the top  rude. I have tried all  excuses possible but he worked around them.  Josh is sweet,  really sweet ,  but sometimes I  think  i just need more then  sweet.  He just doesn't give me butterflies in my stomach any more. He doesn't have that  spark  to  him no more.  I miss that.  Before we could do  anything together and we would laugh it out later.  He was like a bestfriend and a boyfriend before but now he is just not the same.  It gets me wodering,  do I honestly love Josh?I haven't been  able to  answer that  for a month or so.When  we got to  school I  tried to  dash for my locker but he tried to  kiss me instead.  I dodged the kiss and went down  the hall.  ''don't follow me,  don't...'' I said to  myself.  Of course,  he followed me. '' Babe,  something wrong?'' I wish he would stop  calling me ''babe''  if that  is all  he can  think to  call me then i might as well die.  Why not ''Hey,  beautiful'' or something? ''  Oh, no , nothing wrong''  I said quickly and walked off. I bumped into  someone in front me as I dashed off.

Favorite if you liked the first chapter.  (: I know it is kinda boring,  but i promise it will  get better. (:I'll post more afterwhile

Lets see..?
no makeup=prettier!
clothes ON=pretty
hair up= pretty
hair down=pretty
no scars=pretty

"I should be playing in the winter snow,
but Ima be under the mistletoe
with youu; shawty with you."


Justin Bieber <3 

can someone plz tell me who wrote tht 1 qoute tht was like
to all 11 year olds- hows ur relationship? did he steal ur cookie.

Don't cry over a guy
let a guy cry over you,

cause girls give and forgive
but guys get and forget!!


Text me, I want a friend.


Hi there..... I'm your average girl .  People expect so much from me . It sometimes makes me:

1) want to break down
2) cut
3) cry 
4) pray
5) yell and scream
6) all of the above

Copy this and cross out your number then sign your name at the bottom . Hopefully people will get the messege .

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