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back up, baby back up, did you forget everything?</3
--Tay Swift
I've written my story: Life in pen. I can't erase my mistakes.

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That moment when...

A guy gives you his sweater  

                              & your heart melts. 

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller...♥

♥Stronger ~ Kelly Clarkson♥


& am i the only one who
to brush their teeth?

Him: Outta nowhere sends me a pic of him
Me: umm that was random
Him: You like?
Me: I like it better when you smile. It bothers me when guys are all like Im a guy, I dont have emotions, and i like to kck puppies when im bored
i remember when i first saw the love of my life..
i didnt know that he'd be the one that would show me that not all boys are the same..
sixth grade, 4th hour english, standing behind the drinking fountain next to the bathroom..
i watched my pigeon toed, dark haired pince charming shove his math books into his tiny blue locker.
he was average sized.. at that time i didnt know that i'd be falling for him in a few months..
i only knew that he was the guy that my friend had liked since she was six..
so i just stared.. wondering "whats so extraordinary about this boy anyway? hes just a normal guy.."
in seventh grade, i fell for this "average" boy.. i found out he wasnt even close to "average"..
every step he took, every laugh he made, every smile that swept across his face was like gold to me..
i didnt think hed ever fall for me.. i wore my scraggly converse every day and a sweatshirt..
and then one day.. he texted me.. 
i went on a three year rollercoaster ride with this dream boy.
it was the best ride of my life..

All i want for


Is You  

Dear Future:
   Please look up cause right now it isn't looking to great. Please be easy and slow. I want to live every moment because time sure does fly. But most of all, please last a long time♥
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