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Today when I was in the department store , this 
8 year old was texting on an Iphone ,holding a Channel purse in bootie shorts and a SHORT crop top .
Whats happened ?!

1. Lollipopx3

2. AttackingSugar

3. Redapplecandy


Diamnds are a girls best friend ;)

You've changed.


A simple compromise.


  So last night ; 

Iwas at theguy

I like's house.

And he left the couch to go help his mom with

something .

And while he was gone , I played barbie with

his little sister .

Then the next thing I know , She looks up at 

Me and says "My big brother loves you ."

Shocked , I asked " How do you know that .?"

Then I smiled.

She looked at me , with the most serious face

And replys ; Well he has this Spider Man toy ;

And he never lets me play with it !

So I ask mommy why , and she said ;

That You gave it to my big brother."

Smiling I said , " Alanna , I gave that to him

When I was 5 years old. I'm sure he'll let you 

Play with it .

She Looked at me with a gleam in her eyes

And said , " Sometimes I catch my brother

Cuddling in bed with it . But shhh ! Don't tell

him !

Just then her brother walked into the room ,

In silence , Alanna walked over to him ,

Grabbed his hand , brought him over to me ,

Made him hold my hand .

Then she smiled and in her tiney little voice

she said ;

" Garhett pinkey promise me something ."

He smiled at her and said "Anything kiddo ;


Then Alanna looked at me, then back to her

Brother and said ,

"marry  her"

Then her brother grabbed her little pinkey and

Replied  ;

I Pinkey Promise  I will.


As you grow up...

you are going to realize that the one person who was never supposed to let you down, probably will. you will have your heart broken; more than once, and every time it will get harder. you'll fight with your best friend. you'll cry because time is passing to fast, you'll lose someone you love. so take to many pictures, laugh to much, love like you've never been hurt. Because every 60 seconds you spend upset, is a minute of happiness you will never get back.

This quote does not exist.
Don't point, they might shoot.
SierraLove20 is honestly my number one fan. She likes my status's that no one else does, and it makes me feel good about myself and that my quotes mean something to someone. So Sierra, if you read this, THANK YOU♥
XOXO- Jaci :)
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