Quotes added on Monday, December 26 2011

♥& one last time. merry christmas for 2011♥

it's the little things a person does that leaves the BIGGEST impact on someone. <3



 Dear Ken,

Did you know Barbiesknees don't bend? Hahaa... have fun with that.






is one of those days where

    I get to trip people
at the mall

    and get away with it.






That hilarious moment when 
my bestfriend  and I  

run 2 avoid talking 2

that girl


 \\Those 'I need a hug' moods//  



            Molly Mckeever.

there you go, guys. (:

After your little you never think you'll wet your pants again...
until you watch your mom try to dance(:

Don't you hate it when you are trying to be really sneaky then you hit your foot on something and it makes a loud noise that makes you jump and totally blows up your plan? 
I spent my christmas day alone in my room crying and talking to the one person i can relate to. Thanks for being there it means a lot. Now im texting the guy i like, might make me a little happier.
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