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Sometimes I wish I was Witty
famous.. I think it'd be fun to
have your notifications be
blown up all the time. But idk.


From the moment we became live

death was waiting. 

          That Awkward Moment When
You realize if Taylor Lautner + Taylor Swift get married, they would have the same exact name.         

I wish time travel was real
so i could go back in time
and tell the old me
not to fall in love with him
because he's just going to end up breaking my heart

I'm afraioeverything
but I'm mostly terrified of being alone



Your future husband is out there somewhere. It should be comforting to know that there is someone out there who loves you more than they even know yet. You just need a little patience, and be confident knowing that you will know exactly who he is when you meet him. <3

In Too Deep

Chapter 14

  Stephen's POV
I woke up to bright lights shining through the window, it was late in the day but I had had such a nice dream I didn't want to wake up. I actually kissed Kiara, and throughout the whole night's sleep it replayed in my head. She kissed me back too. But I wonder if she thought it was Micah. 
"Get out! I'm done with you! You've played these games for to long." I heard Kiara's mom's voice ring through the air, they were in a fight again. She sounded like she really wanted him out of there. Her parents had been fighting for a while now. I quickly threw on a shirt and some jeans and ran out the door to see if I could find Kiara to make sure she was ok. 
"Kiara! Wait up!" She was walking back towards the lake and I caught up to her.
"Hey, you ok? I heard your parents." 
"Ya, I just need to get away from there." We walked in silence for a bit longer. She really looked beautiful today, her hair thrown up in a pony tail, sweats, and an old t-shirt from a concert we went to a few years back. She looked way better than Grace ever did, she tried to hard with a ton of makeup that stayed on  your shirt when she rested her head on it, not like Kiara's true beauty.
"Stephen what are you staring at?" Her voice broke me out of the spell.
"You look really beautiful." She shifted uncomfortably, but smiled a little bit. We walked over to some rocks and sat down.
"So, when did you leave the dance last night?"
"Umm...." Now's my chance to let her know it was me.
"Come on, why is it such a big deal to tell me?"
"Right after I kissed you."
"So it was you." It wasn't a question, and she was staring me dead in the eyes, I couldn't look away.
"Ya, it was. I really like you." My heart was pounding so loud in my chest I almost didn't hear her next words.
"I think I like you too."

You and Me
I'm like the cat that sees the bird through the window. We are so close and I can almost catch you, yet we are so far away.

2011:  you mad bro?
are you angered or disturbed by my actions brethren?



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