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No matter how old you are,
If you see a mailbox,

Louis: "Will you marry me?"
Harry: "Simple...but effective."

credit: confessions_of_a_cutter
 I'm tired of holding everything in .

Love Has No Story
Chapter 1

Rachel's P.O.V

Great! A new school in a new year...ugh why did dad have to get a job in Florida!?..Ever since mom and dad divorced life has been tuff! But they expect me to go to a whole new school..my freshman year?!..What weirdo's! I miss my friends..I miss The smell of hot dogs and the sound of people yelling at eachother..and the sound of cars honking at eachother!..I wanna go back to New York! I'll never be able to make it here..I mean I don't belong here!...ugh i hear dad calling me...time for school!

"Come on honey!..Were ganna be late for your first day" I heard my dad say..
I manged to rumble all the way down the stairs and get through the mountins of boxes..
"I don't wanna go to school dad!".."I think i might have a cough".."*cough cough*"..i said.
"Yea sure you do.."...Get in the car!"..He pointed to the door so we could walk to the car!..
When i walked out of the house i saw a group of kids walking and goofing around..when i saw them they had this "glow" to them..There probobly the popular kids i thought to myself. I saw one girl look at me...She looked like a super model! I was soo jelouse! She had Hollister clothes on with I think a designer bag! My dad says he dosen't have anough money to let me by Hollister and abrecrombie stuff..so that means I have to get a job if i wanna look cool! I felt like an orphan..I had skinny jeans on with converse, a t-shirt that said "Blonde with a brain", and a zebra print backpack!...way to fit in! i thought to myself!..So far i think my life is ganna..well...Suck!

Tell me what you think! So far guys!! FEEDBACK PLZ!

Boy: Calm down!! No need to get all agressive!!
Girl: DO NOT get a girl mad then tell them to calm down, its like stabbing someone and wonder why they're bleeding!

 Lol :)

This quote does not exist.

You make my life
Complete <3

Sad isnt it?
no matter what you do-or-say to me
when you come
When you
need me again
ill be here
right here waiting for you
take you back
questions asked !
sad isnt it?
Skype is the best invention EVER
Cutting hasn't crossed my mind in the longest time
but tonight,
its weighing on me something terrible.
I'm sorry
its long overdue
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