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Making Mistakes; Learning from Them 
Sequel to The Day we Met <3

Chapter 38

(Kelsey's P.O.V)

                                         I woke up the next morning on the floor, Brandon was snuggled up against me.

I pushed him away but he held me closer, I flicked his ear and he woke up.

                                       Brandon: Kelsey what the h*ll, I got up quickly, Kelsey: it's time to wake up.

We've got school, I pulled sweats an my favorite Botdf shirt, I brushed my hair, obviously not caring what it looked like.

                                      I put my eyeliner on an headed downstairs to eat, once I saw dad's face I didn't want ot eat.

I grabbed my backpack from the door and Brandon followed me out.

                                     Heading to school, I was greeted by Jamie, I saw Tai out of the corner of my eye.

He was leaning against his locker smoking a cigerette, I walked over to him blowing the smoke in his face.

Kelsey: you know thats bad for you right? Tai: yea whatever, it calms me down.

                                     He looked at me and smirked, you wanna try it? I looked at the cigerette in his hand.

Tai: come on, try it, he grinned I took it from him and slowly put it  to my mouth.

                                      I pulled it out when I started coughing, Tai laughed at me.

Tai: don't breathe it in, this is why your just a kid, he walked away and threw him cigerette on the floor and stomped on it.

                                    Makes me wonder, what the h*ll happened to Tai?

I am happy....

                           Now that's just the saddest lie.

My relationship status on facebook still says in a relationship. But the truth is He passed away a few months ago. </3 

I miss you more than the world.


NEVER, go to a doctor whose office plants died..

Alot of people  want  just HIM.

Most people just want to be wanted.

Others wish society would change.

Every year its almost the same things.

For 2012 i just want my life to be DIFFERENT.

i love ceilings.
there for i must be a ceiling fan!(:♥

y o u  j u s t  d o n ' t  g i v e  a  s h i t

y o u  n e v e r  h a v e

a n d  y o u  n e v e r  w i l l

ANYONE ELSE FREAKIN OUT CAUSE OF                                         SCHOOL!?                                  
i know its over.. but promise me one thing..
remember me..</3

were acting like a couple
when we are still friends


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