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there was this guy, i fell hard for him, he called me babe and honey and treated me like a girlfriend. my friend told me one night to go on facebook, so i did. i found out he was in a relationship with someone...other than me.
---fav if you think what he did was wrong.
go                   other
let                                   guy
What you were so
"Set in Stone" to                                                will be lucky to have
soon enough
Life  is  too  short, grudges  are  a waste  of  perfect  happiness. Laugh  when you  can, apologize  when  you  should, and  let  go  of  what  you  can't  change. Love  deeply  and forgive  quickly. Take  chances, give     everything. Have  no  regrets. Life  is too  short  to  be  unhappy  you  have to  take  the  good  with  the  bad. Smile when  you're  sad,  love  what you  got, and  always  remember what  you  had. Always  forgive, but never  forget. Learn  from  your mistakes, but  never  regret  people. Change  and  things  go  wrong, but always  remember  life  goes  on

he really loves you, you know.
you just don't love yourself enough to see it.


welcome tleap year.
so not only do you have 365 days to make it count,

you have 366. (:


 I don't need easy,

just need



~Bethany Hamilton

s ~~~``nssxds

not my format
Soul Surfer<3


A lot of sh*t is going to happen
when pigs learn to fly. <3

I do get really mad at the things people do. It's not my fault though, I don't have adisorder or anyhting. I just get mad. I have a low temper. Juss saying.

That's what you get
when you let your heart win.


I wish I could
slit your throat
with the knife you left in my back.

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