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Things I like about Girls#2:
When they stare at you with their pretty eyes until you look at them then they pretend they were looking at something else.

 who might actually treat me well.


on something
you can't go a
day without
thinking about.

Repost this if you love your dad. If you dont he`ll die in 12 days.  

"When I was a kid.."
Shush bro,                             I still do that.


Remember when we were in Elementary School,
And a
YO MAMA joke..
Was like an
all time offense? :D<33

The more you talk about him

the more you realize how much you love him

©Not mine :C

I dont have what all those other girls have. I may not be as beautiful. But you know what I have , I have heart. & the worst part about having that , is people like you come along and break it.

Good for you, 
                                                   While you're living the dream,
I'm struggling through a nightmare.

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