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A good friend helps you get up when you fall...

but a best friend bursts out laughing , trips you again and continues to laugh


THEY'RE going THERE with THEIR friends. Its called grammar,
use it.

|||||| staying up really late on a school night and being so scared that your mommys gonna walk in||||||



Hey, I found your nose...
it was in my business


 I don’t talk about how much I hate myself because: 
I don’t want to look like I’m fishing for compliments.
Not that I’d believe the compliments,            anyway.

Let me stop being ungrateful
and stop complaining about my boyfriend at least he loves me and that all that matters

Let me stop being selfish      
My dad spends a bunch of money on my and im just a little brat for x-mas he got me
a 375$ dollar computer
me and my brother each an 500$ ipad2
some new clothes from A&F
a cell phone    
and 2 pairs of ugg's

I Feel like a little brat my dad bust his hump to get me nice things and im so ungrateful im lucky i have a dad ♥

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Confession #15
My clock is the 24:00 kind, so now it says 00:01.
(kinda lame but i have nothin else really.
Fave for more confessions.


To all the people that are called "Short" your not short, your a Fun Size!!! =D 

 Native Guys r SO FINE
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