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ABC's about me
A - Available? Yea...
B - Bestfriend? Morgan, Jasmine, Victoria, Piper.
C - Crushing on? My ex, Justyn...

D - Drink you last had? Milk
E - Easiest person to talk to? Morgan.. Jasmine.. Or Victoria.. Definitely not Piper, she's so spacy.
F - Favorite song? Kiss Me Slowly, Parachute
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy Worms
H - homework tonight? Yea, stupid language.

I - In love with? Still in love with Justyn.
J - Jealous of? Any person with perfect clear skin
K - Killed someone? Oh if you count cereal as someone, yes... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! I was so hungry!
L - Longest car ride? Iowa to Minnesota.. I'm so lame.
M - Milkshake flavor? Ahh chocolate!
N - Next where are you going? Uhm school tomorrow! :P
O - One wish? He will ask me back out.. Since he still freaking likes me.

P - Person you texted last? Morgan
Q - Question you are always asked? Why aren't you two dating anymore?
R - Reason to smile? I'm still alive! :)
S - Song you last listened to? Hips Don't Lie-Shakira.. I've listened to it like 23432723479x in a row
U - Underwear color? White?

V - Violent moment you had? A kinda fist fight with one of my ex friends in 5th grade
W - Worst habit? Worrying about what other people think

X - X-rays you had? Pinky!
Y - Yoyos are? Amazing!
Z - Zodiac sign? Taurus! <3


I'm done...

-wearing fake smiles
-not saying anything when its really killing me
-acting perfect
-saying everything is fine
-trying to make everyone happy


Her :

He will never ask me out......

Him :

She would never say yes.......

I  guess I  was  lying  when  I  said  I  never  could  love  you.  I  always  feel  like  everything  is  better  around  you,  I  feel  safe  and  loved.  You  are  like  an escape  from  reality.  I always  find  myself  smiling  around  you  and  maybe  it's  because  i've  been  lying  to  myself  this  whole  time,
but  maybe, just  maybe  I  really  do




Chapter 1
Kylie's POV

Thank God, was all I could think about while walking to the bus that would take me to my safety.
I wouldn't die. I'd be one of the survivors.

As happy as I was, I thought about all of the other students from my school,
who will most likely be killed.
I thought about my 6 closest friends, who have not yet been called to a rescue center.
I prayed that they would be brought to one soon, before disaster struck too badly in our area.

I glanced at the other two people who had been called down with me,
and who I would most likely be spending the rest of my life with.
Luke and Declan.
Like me, they were popular. I guess we could say we were sort of friends.
I mean, before disaster struck the earth, I was part of the "nice, sweet, and pretty,"
popular girl group. And they were both part of the "popular" guy group.

Except the guy group preferred to hang out with the "easy and slutty" popular girl group.
Not that me and my friends ever cared. 
None of this stuff is of any importance now.
It seems silly now that anyone ever gave a shat about any of that stuff.

Now we were all part of the same group. The "trying not to die" group.
You see, earth is being destroyed.Tornadoes, volcanoes, sunamis, hurricanes, you name it.
It is no longer safe to live life as we once did.
That is why the government built a bunch of under ground safety communities,
which is completely thought through and safe.

The government picked people to go there randomly, and if you were chosen to go,
your safety was guaranteed. They started out with the adults,
so all of the adults in America not underground were destined to die shortly.
My parents are one of them. They will die.
Now, all of the kids left in the US are at boarding schools,
waiting to see if they will live or die.
It's horrible.
So basically, you were chosen to go to the underground shelters in groups of 3.
That group you will be with and share everything with for the rest of your life.
So, I guess this means I'm spending mine with Luke and Declan.
Luke has dark brown hair and eyes such a light brown that they looked almost yellow.
He towers over me and has insane muscles.
His girlfriend, Paige, was brought to a shelter a few months ago.

I hated Paige. Yep, you guessed it- she's from the "easy and slutty" group.
Luke is a pretty nice guy, though.
Declan. Dark brown hair, bright green eyes, average height. Tan skin.
And nice abs. Ya know- if that even matters anymore.
He's a sweet guy, very funny, but gets involved in a bunch of shat.
And me? I have long golden hair that falls into wavy ringlets.
I preferred to straighten it, but I haven't cared about that in over a year.

I have a petite body, and my hair fell half way down my back.
My eyes are sometimes a light brown, sometimes green, and sometimes dark brown.
They change with my mood.
I have full lips that are naturally pink, and a tan complexion.
As I continued to walk toward the bus,
I peered out of the corner of my eye to look at the guys.
Declan was biting his lip nervously,
while Luke had a single tear running down his cheek.

I quickly turned away, and bravely walked up the steps of the bus.
 Sorry for this chapter being so boring... :(
It's supposed to be the introductory sort chapter.
The next chapter will take place on the bus,
and it will have conversation between Luke, Declan, and Kylie.
I might even switch POV's half way through.
feedback would be amazing. :)

   Emily                                 Stay   beautiful
I wish i could be as strong and beautiful as you are someday.

I believe
that marriage isn't between a man and a women
it is between love & love



I don't car how old I get....
I still want to become a Pokemon Master.

A girl's laughter
Is much more cheerful than a boy's.

But a boy's cry

Is much more meaningful than a girl's.

If your phones battery life

lasts longer than your relationships,you're doing it wrong.
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