Quotes added on Thursday, January 12 2012

I'm tired of -

Being forgotten
Picked at
Being treated like an outsider
Feeling alone in a crowd
Constantly wondering
Everyone treating me like a freak
Being told to "be myself"
Feeling the need to be perfect at everything
Being told everythings going to be ok


"did you just trip?" 

"nah, im just making up some new dance moves" 

"oh, ok "


Please Read ( It's worth reading)
What's Up With These Ten year old girls ?. 
They're Fine Let Them Wear What They Want They're Doing totally Nothing To you.What If they wear Uggs ? You're Mad for ?.WHat if they're in Victoria Secrets I Have A 10 Year Old Cousin SHE'S In love with Sweaters From Victorias Secrets,Things Are Different You Can't Really Expect Things To Be The Same Through Time.So What If They Have Phones iPhones? No No No . Phones I See They're Almost Teens They Like To Text/Talk on The Phone/Gossip Also.Boyfriends Now IM Sure EVERY little ten Year Old Girl Has A Boyfriend.Tbh You Probably Did Too.Skinny Jeans ; Uhh Who Dosen't Wear Skinny Jeans You see 5 year olds w/ Skinny Jeans.They Like too be in style too ! . Understand THings Will Change , Thanks - MindlessBehavior -WittyName.

senior class president
she must be heaven sent
a backseat debutant
everything that you want
never too
harsh or too demanding
maybe I'll admit it
I'm a little bitter
everybody loves her

but I just wanna hit her


Who else grew up listening to:
Avril Lavigne 
Dixie Chicks
Green Day
The Offspring 
Simple Plan.

Who else still listens to them? ? :)
Dear Heart,

I'm only going to say this one more time...Stop.Getting.Involved. And you wonder why you always get so broken...


just close your eyes 

     the sun is going down, you'll be alright, no one can hurt you now,

come morning llight, you and i will be safe and sound.


Here is my love, take it. Here is my soul, use it. Here's my heart, do not break it. Here is my hand, hold it together and we always will make it f o r e v e r<3


its amazing how in control i am. i can make any pain go from my heart to my wrist in seconds. im practically magical.

I could be with you

but my friend is all over you.


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