Quotes added on Friday, January 13 2012

If we just take a step
back... a bigger
picture we might view.

Me && Mr.Wrong Get Along So Good

Even Though He Breaks My Heart So Bad

I Love My Mr. Wrong..




L o o k i n g in the mirror
                        &hating myself.

When I'm 32 will I be miserable?
everything around based on principle
Will I have a clue,
oh wouldn't it be nice
to never be alone in this
wasted life.

♪ Wasted by Cartel 

 who needs facebook when you've got witty

     &nsp;     &n


6 keys to a relationship;

Friendship, Freedom, Honesty 
Trust, Understanding,& Communication

me at school:
what the fudge is this
what the fudge is that
when the fudge will i ever need to know this
who the fudge assigned my locker as the offical gathering place
when the fudge did the teacher assign that
why the fudge did i take this course
when the fudge is lunch
what the fudge is the time
when the fudge can i leave

Peter: Forget them,­ Wendy. Forget them a l l .
Come with me where you'll never, 
never have to worry about
Grown up things again 

Wendy: Never is an awfully long time.

The sun is up,
The sky is blue,
it's beautiful,

&&&+ so are you.♥

feeling like a boss
when you say the best joke
and everyone laughs

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