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If smelling your clothes helps you decide what to wear, its time to do laundry.
Subway; The place I go so guys will make me sandwiches. 

whats up?


© ThatsSoMeee :)

Somewhere between the sarcasm & jokes,
I fell for you.


Him. Three little letters that mean the world to you.
pretty sure there are similar formats out there, but this ones all me, i pinky promise

IIf you don't like me for who I am, then you don't like me for who I am but all you're gonna get is who I am.If y
for who I am, then you don't like me for who I am but all you're ng to get is who I am             
.-Avril Lavigne

 I listen to "Dear John" by Taylor Swift I start crying...
and I don't know why?

that keeps them looking forward to another day.


"I need to talk to you."
That one sentence that has the power to
make you remember every single bad thing
you did in your whole life.
Type your name with your nose! and plz keep it going
la5yem- haahaa lauren im cool!
qao6sswaq- alyssa haha im rong
aqloexaq- Alexa haha

shannon- shannon 1rite
janine- Janine :D
swte3ph- steph haha

nichole-nichole YESSSSS
ash- ash:D
kylee- kylee=)
amber- =D
caereloleyu- carley =0 OH NO!
rachel- ha! own!
wsop0yi8aq- Sophia! haha! I stink!
dc045raqol9- im awesome!!! hah Coralie
jqeer6-Maddy haha i suck
emilt6-Emily roflshimpimp
waedt4ri--Adri (I losee) hahaa.
ghashbhb6y7- gabby :] im bad!
frallonh-fallon I SUCK lol

tylerr OMG YAY :D
nhaqalias (Natalia) Atleast my nose isnt pointy as hell ;]
ambvrluy - Amberly[:

(people who got it exactly, you must have a really pointy nose, or you cheated.) --adri
i8wsidora - Isidora :D
ikehswi3 - Kensie lol
kayahg= kayah
 aqaqhjsaq - Amanda. ]: I have failed.
kmsatyrie= katie :) lol that was a fail
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