Quotes added on Monday, January 16 2012

And last week I was in my other other benz.      yeezy otis with hova

Afaas I'concerned

you're just another picture to burn


its been a while since ive seen your face..

fear does exsist in one place you can never escape..
your mind

Everyday I'm shufflin'
Except for Friday's
Gotta get down on Friday (;
"Is mayonaise an instrument?" - Patrick Star

 I am the ninja..
Ur parents warned you about .


That awkward moment when

You want to laugh in a serious situation.


I spend my coldest nights
Alone, awake and thinking of
the weekend we were in love

I Was Told To Do A Witty Shoutout Video. & I Only Have a Few People To Put In There. So If You Wanna Be In It. Come Become Friends With Me And I Might Say Something Nice About You In It c;

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