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people say...
Suici dal Teens
a r e  s e l f i s h
they [ don't know ] the
pain you go through everyday
just so you can see the smile on your best friend's face.




you can lock text messages 
because God wants you
to keep those moments 


It Never Happened.



Chicks are Ruthless #1.
Sometimes I wish I was a movie star so when I walk... air would blow my hair back when I walk through the halls and everyone would be a blur around me.

nmf <3

     Who ever said nothing was inpossible... never tried slamming a revolving door.
~ Jenna :D

This quote does not exist.

When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror

"Danm whos that sexy                                    beast right there"

ha if only


*British Accent*
"So, can she really fly on her own?"

*Loud Girly British Accent*
"No, I fling her."


No, he doesn't put down his xbox,
but he puts me on video chat so I can cheer him on.
No, he doesn't put his homework off,
but he and I work on it together so we can have more time with each other.
No, he doesn't kiss me in front of everyone,
but he shows off our friendship.
No, he doesn't send me flowers and give me gifts,
but he sends me his love and gives me his time.

And honestly, that's all I need.  ♥


I always think its my friends that start the trouble with me and get mad at me,
but maybe its me who starts it....
and I just don't realize it


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