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 Format Credit - RunawayRachel

         Try say the letter 'M' without your 

          lips touching it's impossible. 

" like if you tried"


What do you do when your nightmares become reality?
Some say give up.
I say stay strong. 



i'm feeling sexyy & free.


I love you, forever & always.♥
You AMAZme.

I just need someone to talk to sometimes.
But  I  always seem to be so  a l o n e .


 Format Credit - RunawayRachel

Los pollitos dicen 
pio pio pio

Cuando tienen hambre, cuando tienen frio



that moment when you and your friends are doing stupid things together in public and you keep getting weird looks...

you is dumb.

you is mean.

you is unimportant.  </3

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