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be this difficult to just get over one boy. 

Music is a language.. a different language that some people will never understand.. it's not like spanish or english.. it speaks through the heart and mind. 

 -  I caaame up with it
This quote does not exist.

feel free to read if you want to......

i hate my life. im treated like crap everyday. by people at school, and my whole family. i have 3 or 4 people i can honestly go to and tell them everything. but my biggest secret of all, i cant. i don't know how much longer i can be strong. i'm sick of feeling hated, and mistreated. i feel so unloved. i've been single for a year. and ever since then every guy i have talked to has led me on. and im sick of it. i put on a smile everyday and pretend nothing is wrong, but in reality my whole world is crumpling into peices. as i type this, i cry, knowing that me and my mom and my dad are not on speaking terms. i miss the good old days when they would make jokes with me and like me. not tell me im ugly worthless and stupid. if you're still reading this, which nobody probably is. but if you are, i love you. i love you for reading this. it shows me you care. im not asking for any sympathy by posting this. i just needed to vent my feelings somewhere. and witty is my only escape <3



Seeing your dad cry sucks,

especially when you know

you're the reason why he is


Hate may be a 'strong' word,
But we all know love is stronger.


Life is a one way street
no matter how many detours you take none of them leads back.

 So enjoy life, every moment as none of
them will happen the

same way again .


Dreams are a way to escape.. 
But what happens when the dreams start to fade?  

Live life to the fullest, and don't make the mistakes that you know you will regret later on in life!

I love it when a guy says:
That Im a liar and use guys as a doormat and step on their feelings....
Am I suppose to put my life on hold for a guy who will never go out with me?

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