Quotes added on Sunday, January 22 2012

That moment at night when everyone is sleeping and no matter what you do, it's the loudest noise you've ever made.
When i kissed you: It was Just a Dream
When i Told you i loved you and you told me you loved me too: It was Just a Dream
When you got back with her: It was Reality 
90% of people marry their
7th- 12th grade loves <3
Since you have read this you will be told good news tonight!
If you dont repost this, your worst week starts now.

When did you and i
 s  t  o  p    b  e  in  g    u s?

That little b*tch with her head held so high
talking sh*t when I cut myself so I could feel something I know is not a lie
This quote does not exist.

doesn't mean everything's perfect;
it means that you decided
to look beyond
the imperfections

So tell me, how does it feel to know you get to me like no one else ever has before?




Go Find A Cow
Cause Im Sick Of You'r Bull


oh my goodness..
s.o.s by the jonas brothers
came out 5 years ago...

i feel so old.

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