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Your slipping right through my fingers.
What happened?
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ive pushed away the only girl i have ever loved :(
cut to prove to you
that [ [ y . o . u . ] ] are not the only one,
that can hurt me


Guess what?

       I don't care if you 'think I'm happy'.  Can't you see this distant look in my eyes? The pain my smile is hiding

behind? Can you not see what I'm fighting? and how I just want to let go? That each and everyday is killing me

slowly? How can you not see that? Maybe if you read between what I'm saying, you'd see the story that I'm

covering up.


I'll never understand why guys go out and chase stones when they already have a diamond at home. <3
Happy birthday  to
me :)

When It Seems Like The Whole World Has Walked Out On You ,

I'll Be The One Tappin' On Your Shoulder To Show You That I'm Still Here

The day you texted me... my heart dropped.
  I havne't talked to you in 5 months and I'm still deeply inlove with you after 2 years.


      I want to do is hurt you.

    but its still on the list  


you had a rough childhood.
so you reject them before they ever get a chance
you never let your guard down

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