Quotes added on Saturday, January 28 2012

So you're straight? Well yeah but so is spaghetti, until it gets hot ;D
crying is just a way for you to release pain your heart couldn't hold any longer, so cry if you want too.
now the popular
witty users know what its like to be hidden
and unnoticed. welcome to reality.
"I love you. And that's a hard thing to explain."
those weird poses you make, in order to crack your back.
i got the point that i should leave you alone,  but we both know that i'm not that strong...
Sometimes I think I don't have a heart anymore but when I think of you I know I have one. Because I feel something....Love.. ♥ i love you so much and I'll never forget you.

needs help with my new page on facebook its called Hair styles and quotes 4 teens like it and i might add you as an admin

Some things are just so sweet.



Go ahead, play with my iPod. Go ahead, take my phone. But when you take my Hair Ties....RUN.
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