Quotes added on Sunday, January 29 2012

I got a dig bick
You that read wrong.
You read that wrong too. 

Found a straightner that said _Warning do not use underwater_ Yes, because we all straighten our hair underwater.
I thought you would've done better.
i cant help but smile everytime i break you.

My lifes like a car, I drove around and when I got on the highway I wrecked.

Don't hate me because I say what others are afraid to say out loud.
When you go through a break up and people keep asking you questions to "make you feel better or help" it usually just makes it worst/:

Me; Who is that sexy person in the mirror wearing green?

Dad; im not wearing green. 

Every Lady
ves A

I live for these nights,
even though we just sit around,
and do nothing.

I love it.
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