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If we don't get rid of war,war will get rid of us.

-H.G Wells
This quote does not exist.
smile, it makes you even more beautiful, those who fail to see how admirable you are , were cursed to be blinded by ignorance. you are worthy ♥

She hates pictures.

She's beautiful.

She's seen me cry.

She knows my past.

She's cute.

She's funny.

She's nice.

She's caring.

She's amazing.

She's huggable.

She's adorable.

She knows the real me.

She trusts me.

She's gorgeous.

She's trustworthy.

She loves me for me.

She's honest.

She's lovable.

She's sweet.

She's perfect.

She's my everything.

She's my bestfriend.

She's my world.

She's my other half. 

I love you Meghan.

&&If the good die young,
t  h  e  n   I  '  l  l   l  i  v  e   f  o  r  e  v  e  r  .

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If You Love Me Let Me Know

The movie was getting near the end. The part came on where Ally remembers Noah and then forgets again. She started crying alot. I leaned down and gave her a hug.
"It's okay, Addison. Don't cry."
"But it's so sad! His names Noah, and my name's close to Ally's. What if that happens to us?"
"Haha, Addison, that won't ever happen to us."
"I know, but it's scary to think about."
"I know it is baby. But you just gotta remember, I love you, you love me,nothing is ever gonna change that. Not ever."
She lifts her head off my shoulder and kisses me. I kiss you back. And we stay that way for awhile. We shift positions and she's laying on top of me. Things were getting a little intimate, so I pull away.
"Addison, do you really want to do this?"
"Don't you think maybe we should wait? Like until the next date?"
"Okay, I guess your right. But promise? Next date?"
"Yes, why do you want to so bad?"
"I've waited 17 years. Just for you. You're my Mr. Right. I love you, Noah."
"I love you too, baby."
I give her a kiss and then I heard my parents come through the door. 
"Noah! We're home. Did you bring Addison home yet? It's almost eleven!"
"Oh, shoot. I didn;t know it was that late! Come on Addison, your parents are gonna kill me!"
We go downstairs and she says goodbye to my parents. We get into my truck and drive to her house. When we arrive she leans in and gives me a long, soft kiss.
"I had a lot of fun tonight, Noah."
"I did too, Addison. How about we do this again next Friday? My parents are going to be out of town visiting my grandparents."
"Sounds good, bye Noah."
"Bye, I love you."
"I love you too."
She gets out of the truck and I wait until she's inside to drive away. I can't wait until next week. It's going to be one hell of a night, with one hell of a girl. 


Is It Just Me But When I Buy Clothes At The Shop I Think There Amazing And Ill Never Get Bored Of Them,Then When I Where Them A Few Times My Mind Says I Need Some New Clothes!

You should never name a dog
something you don't want to be yelling out loud. 

Example: your dog ran away and here you are calling Toodlekins down the street. 

 Hey, you there!
Can you stop scrolling
for just a second;
and think of the one you love...
take the time to make a wish
about that
Count to
& Sleep on it(:

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