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Happy Birthday,
Harry Styles ♥

And we all know that Taylor Swifts son will know how to treat a girl<3

I'm a lightweight,


Easy to fall, easy to break.

With every move my whole world shakes. 


want to fall in love. . .
I want to be walked to class every day.
I want to be held.
I want to be kissed.
I want to be texted every day.
I want to get butterflies when I think of him.
I want to be called beautiful.
I want to stop feeling left out.
I want something real.
I want love.


look how quicky

love can turn to         hate\\\


loveyou4ever favorites all my quotes and it always makes my day. ♥ Her quotes are also  quite amazing, so go follow and blow up that beautiful girl's notifications. 

The Honest Truth

sometimes all it takes is a bit of show and tell and someone can learn way to much about you in  a blink of a eye


So yesterday, it was just my friend and I walking in a deserted hallway, wandering back to class when she randomly said that HIM and I should date. I asked her why she thought that and she just said because she thinks we'd be cute.

She gives me hope. "]

hannahlovesxox fade
i played the song Stupid Ho as the

girls i hate walked out of school.
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