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Keep Your Head Up

Chapter 15
part 1


I went about my day normally, Brendon had no classes with me that day which I was sort of relieved about because I didn’t want to tell him about Jake. I skipped lunch and helped one of the 6th graders in our school with her math. The poor girl was helpless, but I did my best. I liked that the 6th grade teachers let me do this because I plan on being a teacher eventually. The day went by pretty fast Brendon told me he wanted to take somewhere after school, so I wasn’t going to be taking the bus home. When the bell rang I was still packing up, I didn’t have to catch the bus so I took my time. I bent over to get my books and when I stood up, there was Brendon, crystal blue eyes, smiling at me. “Hey,” he said as he leaned into kiss me. I pushed him away, remembering Jake. “Is something wrong?” Oh crap I thought, I already blew it. “Uhm, no. School just isn’t the best place for that,” I tried sounding sarcastically flirty, I feel like I just sounded stupid though. Brendon just laughed then leaned again, I didn’t push him away. Since the last kiss I had was like kissing a dog, I loved how amazing it was. I guess I never really thought of it before. “So where are we going?” “You’ll see,” he winked at me and slid his fingers in between mine, leading me out of the room. He lead me out the back door across the football field, that was pretty weird only considering we never go this way.  These were the woods we found Ashley’s body. We got to the edge of the woods when he noticed I was shivering. “Here, take my sweatshirt,” he said pulling his hockey championship sweatshirt over his head. He only had short sleeves on under it. “No, I’m fine. You’re gunna be cold,” truth was I really wanted to wear that sweatshirt. “I’m fine, seriously. You’re so tiny you’ll freeze,” he said squeezing my chicken arms mocking my weakness. I took the sweatshirt and started putting it on. “Thanks,” I said as I went towards him to kiss him. It was a weird kiss, not a normal Brendon kiss. He was worked up, anxious about something. I wasn’t sure what and didn’t want to ask so I put one hand on the side of his neck, tho other still intertwined with his. “Don’t be nervous, you’re fine,” I tried sounding as reassuring as possible. “I know,” he said as he kissed me again. This one was a Brendon kiss, slow, intense, it made me never want to stop. We didn’t for a while, I could feel his hands on the small of my back, pulling me closer and closer. Then he finally pulled away, he bit his lip as if he were trying to hide a smile. “Are you sure you want to go in here?” he asked me “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” For a while I just looked into the woods, I thought of Ashley and when I found her. “I trust you,” and I did. I knew he wouldn’t let me get hurt to much. “Okay, here get on my back,” he said as he turned around. I jumped on and he started walking.

hannahlovesxox fade
I don't think that I would waste my time fainting if I ever met a famous person. I would either:

a) Stare at them
with my mouth wide open
and inwardly
have a heart attack


b) Hug them... 
so tomorrow i`m wearing my hair up no make up and basket ball shorts and a shirt and my coat . because i honestly don`t give a freak anymore what people think of me .
so i`m not wearing make up anymore and i`m not gonna spend an hour on my hair and what to wear .

That is all.

First day of High School:
Where did all these hot guys come from?!
End of semester 1:
Where did all these d-bags come from?!

Things change, doesn't mean they get better.
hannahlovesxox fade
Blushing even more
because you're embarresed
about being embarresed.


10 day challenge
day 1-  10 things you want to say to 10 different people.
day 2-  9 things about you.
day 3-  8 ways to win my heart
day 4-  7 things that cross my mind a lot
day 5-  6 things i regret
day6-  5 things i love
day 7-  4 turn offs
day 8- 3 turn ons
day 9- 2 words that describe my life right now.
day 10-  1 confession

Day 7

1)  when a guy burps..idk why i thinks its just disgustingg lol
2)greasy hairrrrrrrrrr
3)being untrustworthy
4) being a player



A  bone  trembling  chill  that  tells  you  she's  there.
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