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Everyday I fight a war against myself.
A war to wake up.
A war to get out of bed.
A war to be grateful for having another day.
It's hard.
So, so hard.
It's easy for people to say they understand, and maybe to some extent they do.
But, do they know how it feels to be depressed, have low self esteem, have anxiety, and self image issues, be bipolar, struggle with self harm?
Do they know how it feels to be so uncomfortable in their own skin that they push people away from them?
Do they know how it feels to sit there and see your best friend, the person you're in love with, struggle with all the same things as you?
Or how it feels to not know how to help them without sounding like a hypocrite?

Uber Facts:
A French Kiss is called an English Kiss in France.


S . W . A . G .
She Wants A Gentleman



How To Cheat on Temple Run
1. Turn it to Tutorial Mode
2. Start running and at the first turn VERY QUICKLY swipe twices

IF you do it right you should just have a never ending straight line.


Beauty tip#4
if you wear makeup always take it off before u go to bed it will prevent aging quickly.
Dear Meggy, 

     You probably aren't ever going to read this... But I'm going to write it anyway. 

     Well, I love you so much. Probably more than we both will ever realize. You're stunning whether you believe me or not. You're my other half. Nothing could ever break us apart again. My days would be much duller without you. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you.
     We've had so many memories together, and I miss them all. I wish I could like rewind time and just go back to them. We have been through so much between this year and last year. Since last year, in seventh grade, you have been by my side through it all.
     You're always there when I need you. Always. You know Everything about me. There isn't anything I haven't told you. I trust you with my life, literally. You mean the world to me. I seriously would be so lost without you. I'm so glad I met you. I was missing out on one of the most amazing people to be friends with. How we met, well, I met you because you were dating my close friend in Sixth grade. When he pointed you out in the hallway, because stupid me had no idea who you were, when he pointed you out to me... The only thing I had on my mind that day was my f*cking god. She's f*ucking flawless. I thought you were one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever seen. To this day, I still think that. Babygirl, you don't have to like him now, but he's the one who caused us to meet in the long run. Think about it... If you guys weren't together, I might not even know who you are today.
     Without him, I don't know if I'd be texting you everyday, all day.. Writing you notes during Spanish instead of listening... Walking the long way in hopes of seeing you, and maybe making my day a bit brighter.... And yeah... I made a mistake last year, with what I did. It was horrible. I still feel horrible about it. By now, I'm in hopes that you forgave me for my stupid idiotic mistake. Now, I know, never to ever ever ever do that again. I don't need too, I found out which one of you two actually stuck by me through everything. Yeah, her and I may have been together all the time and sh*t like that, but it should've been you. It should've. I'm never leaving you again. I'm here to stay this time. I made a huge mistake. 
     Now, I know what I was missing out on. You're amazing. I seriously don't ever want to live a day wihtout you. Nope. I can't. There is no way I'd be able to do that. No way in hell. I love you too much to let you go again. I was missing out on something so perfect, that I'm lucky enough to get this second chance. I'm not going to ruin it this time. You and I are going to be each others maids of honor. Each others god mothers for our children. We are going to stay like this forever. I don't want anything to change between us. 

I love you, with everything I have in me. Nothing less.

-Me. <3

Confession #1:
The Hunger Games = my fudging life atm.
Bonus tidbit* I'm in love with Peeta.

Uber Facts:

Barack Obama was known as “O’Bomber” in high school for his skill at basketball.

Mommy: The best thing I've been called <3

Uber Facts:
Taylor Swift learned how to play the guitar from a guy who originally came to her house to fix her computer.

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