Quotes added on Friday, February 3 2012

Confession #1

I'm to chicken to
                                                                      stick my finger down my throat or

                                                                                                                               swipe the blade across my skin.

Beauty without intelligence is a
masterpiece painted on a napkin.


Math team whiteboards:

Not Paying Attention ->
Angry birds player ->
Angry Birds
Should be working


This legit happened


I Would Run Away Tonight,
but then I would also be leaving
the people I care about...

Why do you choose now to tell me that you love me? I have a boyfriend now, you lost your chance.

    I'm not as strong as everyone thinks i am.


OnlIn America we have,
cheese in a bottle
 and we depend on,
on a groundhog to determine the weather.


Thinking of an amazing quote & seeing it on the top page the next day..


 Today I tried to kill a bug with hair spray. It didn't die, but its hair looked fabulous.


Life ;
Don't regret it .

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