Quotes added on Saturday, February 4 2012

They call him the Doctor
but Doctor Who?

And most importantly, Doctor...

Where can I find you?

please watch this.
You won't regret it.
I promise.


Piglet: "How do you spell love?"

Pooh:  "You dont spell it. You feel it".

If I woke up from a coma and was told that Channing Tatum was my husband I wouldn't argue.

The Vow<3

If I had 3 wishes

                                    I would give up 2
Because my only wish is to be with You++++++++++
j a y c i e c u t i e 0 1 ' s f o r m a t

"And everything is moving to the beat, and everything is moving to the beat, and everything is moving to the beat..."
- Pit Passion, 'Sleepyhead'

Just when everything's moving to the beat,
The drum stops thumping on cue.
The guitar shuts off.
The mic falls.
Everything crashes.
And you get a big mess.
And you sit there,
Wondering when the beat will pick back up.

Homie iss yo' Girl
Shawty kiss yo' Man
We can see it on the kissin' cam
Show me some love
Show me some love
Now look her in the eye 
Say baby I love you
I never put no one above you
aAnd if you feel that way
Go 'head and kiss yo' babay
And now we got the whole stadium
In love like!

~Best Love Song <3
T-Pain & Chris Brown


The other day,

A kid in my history class said that his printer broke, so he

couldn't do the homework.

My teacher's response?

"Remember Rob, excuses are the bricks that build the house

of failiure."

I love my history teacher.



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