Quotes added on Monday, February 6 2012

I stay up late
for no reason.
OK it's officialy February 6, so I can scream; "Happy birthday Joe Walker!!!"

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To the world you my just be one person...
 But to one person, your the world!

Awkward Moment When;
A fat kid says-  Thats just how I roll

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  Im Tried Of
Lying To Myself That
You Feel The
Same Way I 


Why you not recognize me? >.<           

You're as fake

as the moans

you make, and

you're as weak

as the hearts

you break.


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6feet under...

All because she never fit in, Because you made her feel unwanted, Because not even her parents except her, Because she fell in love with his lies, Because she misses her brother and only wants to see him, Because she feels un loved and no one is trying to prove her wrong, Because its becoming harder to paint on her smile everymorning...

All because she found that 'Neclace' Made out of Rope<3


I have five fingers for a reason:
Pinky finger:
For my friends,and promises I will never break.
Ring Finger:
For that special someone,when the times right.
Middle Finger:
The finger that I will use constantly for those bjtches who push me too far.
Pointer Finger:
To choose all the best things in life

To show everyone I will be okay :)

i fake smiles
like a pro

...anyone else?
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