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That Awkward Moment
When you spell a word so wrong, even autocorrect can't figure out what you meant.


I'm Sick Of Your Excuses And Empty Apologies

Its Funny How Someone Can Break Your Heart,& You Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces<|3



When people make me sad, I make a face like :c and whine at them to go away. I just got told that it's freaking adorable when I do that. o_e 

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The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think. <3

Keep Giving Me Those Looks
They Hurt
But I'll Keep Doing Whatever
The Hell I Want To Do
Regardless Of How
You Feel

Across the World;
15388 teenagers are arrested,
4219 teenagers get a sexually transimtted disease,
3610 teenagers are assaulted,
2861 teenagers drop out of school,
1377 teenagers become mums,
1106 teenagers get an abortion,
1000 teenagers start drinking alcohol,
500 teenagers begin using drugs,
420 teenagers are arrested for drug use,
6 teenagers commit suicide,
All in one day.
Beat the statistics. 

tumblr, please no hate. bizzlebelles


Rules fotexting a gilrl:

                                         1. Don't take 40 minutes to reply.
                                         2. Use good grammar.
                                         3. Ask Questions.
                                         4. Use the (: face.


When You Get The Feeling That You're Numb Staring At Him/Her
That's When You Know You're In Love

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