Quotes added on Wednesday, February 8 2012

nothing is everything with a twist
     0 nothingness = 8 infinity

..how about you think about this when everything turns nothing...

Bashing your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.

I know what I'm doing this weekend!


Am I The Only
PerSon Who Realized That
( i ) Look's Like ( ! )
Just Upp Side Down?

I Feel Smart(:
Every time i look at the key board it reminds me that u and i are allways together <3

6 feet under and theres no room to move.

i wonder if you...
look at me facebook profile 
if you think of me as much as i do 
if you talk to others girl 
if you talk about me to your friends
if you trust me 
if you love me as much as i do <3
as you can tell i wonder a lot about him?

1 math packet 5 pages front and back.
78 pages math homework as well.
oh, and an essay in english,
and flashcards in history,
all due in about 9 hours.
im such a procrastinator. :p

oh witty, if it werent for you. i would prob. have straight A's.



&& he's all i think about!!

they say all good things come to an end,.

but what about the bad things? do they ever end?

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