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you never know:
the guy you like
 could be thinking
about you at this very

how do u add a pic to your pro. file. not CHANGE ur pro file pic. but add on to the bio. part???

I don't feel sad.        
                         I don't feel anything anymore.


this is how i feel most of the time.

Why should I fear death?
If I am, death is not.
If death is, I am not.
Why should I fear that which can
only exist when I do not?


why is it that everytime i FINALLY like someone
everybody else suddenly likes them too?

If you're incapable of differentiating "you're" from "your" ...

I love you Sophie.
I love you more than the world,
and I'd give it all just see you smile
because I'm with you.

Bacon is bacon,
eggs are eggs,
never let a boy between your legs,
they'll say you cute they'll say your fine
nine months later they say "
It ain't mine"...

& I just realized that he could never like me :( Im never gonna be Beautiful like her or a size zero like her , he's not gonna wanna be with me , and i've liked him since 4th grade. I HATE MYSELF </3 How could I fall for someone soooo like him ?????? UGH FML ! I just want this to be over and I can't wait till I move out of here and go move to freakinnn RUSSIA or some shizzillle because honelstly I don't wanna see his face unless his telling me he loves me and like thats ever gonna happen . </3 Now im going to go to school tomorow and see him , & fall all over and then Im gonna come home and sit and vent and cry ;/ because thats all I have to do </3 and FYI HE SHOULD GO DOWN THERE FOR ALL I CARE  !!!
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