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Does anybody else have that one friend who worries about being single, but you’ve been single longer??

>> St.Valentine's
making people feel more forever alone
than usual.

[fav] if you're spending st.valentine's alone

OK, So tomorrow is a Hockey game for a Lovely Beautiful Girl who happens to have Lafora. Lafora is a form of Epilispey caused by the mutations of one of two genes*. I'm asking anyone and EVERYONE who reads this to do their quotes in purple(That's the color, just like breast cancer is pink)and favorite this quote! Do it for Lafora and do it for all who have Lafora!

Also repost! *learn more about Lafora at http://www.chelseashope.org/whatislafora.html Thank you

This Feeling
chapter 11

The Carson’s kitchen was easily double the size of mine’s, not that my kitchen was too shabby or anything, but maybe, because they had a chef’s kitchen that was separated from the home kitchen. This probably came from the fact that the twins were the children of Billy and Lola Carson, both incredible renowned chefs of the world. I was excited to see food lain out on the countertops as finger food, which I greedily grabbed and ate the delicious delicacies. Hayden’s head was stuck in the commercial size fridge, scanning for something to drink.
So far, Hayden had been a gentleman, driving me here and even offering to work on the project alone with all his brains and whatnot, but even with that, Kyle’s blunt words about him were still nagging in the back of my mind. It’s been three days, and Kyle still wouldn’t tell me why Hayden was such a bad person to get to know. I knew I was starting to get on his nerves, so I decided to cool off, and find out for myself. Finally, his head came out with two bottles of water and a sheepish grin.
“I guess we’ll just deal with these.” He handed me one and came to sit next to me on the leather couch in his just as large living room. I took it gratefully and took a swig of it. For the next two hours, we carefully planned and worked out problems in changes of enthalpy, heat transfer, and even drew up a possible lab we could use as part of our project. We took a little break when Gage walked through the elevator door from their apartment. He was kind of glowing in a manly way, and came over to sit with us on the couch.
“Hello there mister. What are you smiling about?” I asked him with a knowing smile.
“Nothing. Just the usual things going on.”
I remembered that thing about Hayden and formed a plan right on the spot to figure this little mystery out. “So you say. Hey, remember you wanted to show me that thing in your room? You don’t mind for a minute do you Hayden?” I stood up quickly as Hayden shook his head, and Gage looking at me with a confused face. I motioned him to follow me, and his befuddled facial expression reverted back to a normal one and he led me the way to his room.
“What’s up Gen?” He plopped down on his bouncy bed.
“Why doesn’t Kyle like your brother?” I got right to the point.
His easygoing smile faded right away and turned into an uncomfortable one, his hands fidgeting with his hair. His light green eyes, I could tell, was contemplating on whether or not he should tell me. He looked up at my expectant face and sighed.
“It’s something that we don’t really talk about. It’s really old and embarrassing.” He waved his hand around like it was something miniscule and unimportant, trying to dismiss my question, but I persisted. I hit him in the sore spot.
“Gage, you better tell me or I’ll tell Blair everything I know about you, and I know a lot.” I instantly felt a little guilty for blackmailing him, but this was an important matter I wanted to address.
He sighed and gestured me to sit down on his desk chair.

Dear Boy,

Don't stare at me if you don't like me. I might go and do something stupid like get my hopes up... again.

Love, Me, the hopeless romantic teenage girl who stays up all night thinking about you ♥

My Mom filed for divorce & my Dad just told me this was our last weekend to be a family. The court date is Monday & in 90 days the divorce will be final. My heart is in my stomach. </3

Family Guy Quotes
Quagmire: Hello, 911? Its Quagmire. Yeah. Its Stuck in the
Window This Time.

Fave if ya get it c;


Everyday I wake up and think

Who am I supposed to be today?

Because honestly I've tried too many times to please everyone that I've lost myself & who I truely am.


Semi was AMAZING <3
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